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Devintegrated.com Ltd., formally Louis Website Design is a subsidiary of Managed PPC Services, a UK-Based telemarketing company, which specializes in the building and designing of quality websites. Ours is a leading web designing company and our specialty is in planning, analyzing  designing, and implementing professional websites – both personal and business. The Company is registered with The Corporate Affairs Commission with RC Number 1379276.

The company has an office in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and  Edo and Delta States of Nigeria. Although these are our only offices for now, our team comes from all over the world and we are working to have other office locations in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria. Included in our team of experts are analysts who can help customers determine the kind of website that will be suitable for them, whether their needs are for business or personal purposes. Our delivery is sure. With a well-organized project team working diligently to ensure all our clients’ needs are met, we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Anyone desiring a well organized, customer friendly and strategic website can rely on us to bring their dreams/visions to reality. We take the time to understand your as-is system, then within a short period of time we formulate innovative ideas on how to develop your website, after which we start the designing process. Because time is just as important to us as it is to our customers, our delivery is swift. Our experts are constantly working hard to make sure our clients get the best of our service and we are certain that past clients will enthusiastically testify of their valuable experience with us.  Here are some important facts about Devintegrated.com Ltd.:


  • We are Considerate


 At Devintegrated.com Ltd., in order to effectively serve our customers, we have adapted to the very nature of putting ourselves in their shoes. Because we deal with customers from varying backgrounds and classes, we do our very best to moderate our prices so as to facilitate their specific budgets. We advise all our potential customers not to let the smallness of their budget deter them from considering our service, but to come in so we can sit down and discuss their website needs and work within their budgets.


  • We are Customer Friendly


In the absence of proper communication with our customers, we believe that our work would most definitely output ‘Error’. Being customer friendly is one of the keys to ensuring proper communication so we have made familiarity with customers our default characteristic. We do this by making sure that we build a pleasant communication environment where we can interact with each other so as to become better acquainted. Since we are customer friendly by default, we advise our customers to set their communication sate to a non-changing customer friendly default as well.


  • We Are Always Fair


At Devintegrated.com Ltd. we believe in always being fair. We stick to the rules no matter what. That means that once we have an agreement to design a website for a customer, we make sure all we promised in the proposal is met.


  • We Offer Quality Delivery


To get the best out of anything, time and resources are required. Devintegrated.com Ltd. spends a lot of time planning and designing to ensure quality delivery.  We never deliver hastily put-together websites based on what we feel the customer needs. Instead, we spend time with our customers to gather information and then we carefully study that information so as to design a website customized to fit their most specific tastes. Here, our customers lead while we follow.  In other words, they tell us what they want, how they want it and when they want it and we deliver accordingly.  All our packages are customized according to our customers’ expectations.  We put all the tools and experts in place to ensure that the needs of a particular system are completely met. Our customers’ tastes determine how their systems will look, except when they give us the right to design our suggested pattern without much input from them.  All in all, when compared to other web designing companies out there, our delivery will always be the best.


  • Our Delivery is Swift 


Time is one of the most important factors in the business world, just as it is in our daily lives. With time, we measure the effectiveness of things.  Since time is essential and a good company is best known for its real-time delivery, we at Devintegrated.com Ltd. do our best to deliver according to the proposed time.  In fact, we ensure that a website a completed ahead of the scheduled time to enable us to carry out tests on the new system.  Consequently, we do not request extra time for testing but we deliver to our customers on the stipulated date.

Vendors invest in their field of expertise to serve potential customers.  Every vendor is a servant and at Devintegrated.com Ltd. we are servants who do our best to please our customers by investing as much time and effort as needed. We act according to our customers’ specifications to ensure their satisfaction. We welcome their ideas and suggestions as long as it does not violate the agreed terms and conditions for the project.  

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