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Convincingly Lucrative Webite Design Affiliate Program

N20,000 average commission / 20% of each sale

Here’s the math







Anyone can be an affiliate

We did not create this affiliate program for any specific class of people, everyone is welcome to join the program and start making commissions. You can refer your friends, families, business partners, or any one you think needs our service.

The Details

Totally free to you

No fees or commitment required.

Your Referee is forever yours

When you refer customers to us, we keep a record of their visits to our site forever. If they decide to contact us and end up booking any of our services, you’ll still receive your commission.

Up-front payment

You get paid immediately when the client makes their first payment. No cash-out minimums, or any restrictions.

Unlimited earnings

Our projects range in price from N50,000-N20,000,000. No matter how big the project, you still earn 20%.



How it Works

  • Join our program

  • Refer anyone that needs a website or mobile application to us

  • Tell the people you send to us to give us your mobile number as your affiliate ID

  • They contact us and place their order

  • We pay you 20% of their total order when they make their first payment.

  • Spend your money!

Start earning money now.

Why be a website design affiliate?


If you’re a web developer or designer looking to cut down your work flow, send projects to us! Maybe you are not into website application designing but you have people who are interested in such service, kindly send them to us. You’ll collect a hefty profit, and we take care of everything start to finish (including customer support). There are cases where you’re not equipped to handle large custom jobs, or small business sites. Regardless of which projects you don’t want to deal with, you can still profit from them. Send customers our way and collect 20% each time.


While most affiliate programs offer 5%-10% margins on products that cost less than N2000, when you send us a website design customer, you’ll get a whopping 20% of an order that’s typically worth N100,000 or more. Imagine sending us 4 customers in 1 month, you will make 80k/month, or over N960k/year.


Whether you’re an already established shop or a startup looking to build the next Youtube, we can help. We’ve dealt with clients in nearly every industry, and we’ve built sites of almost every type. That means that regardless of the programming capabilities or experience your clients need, we’re the perfect fit.

NOTE: Our affiliate program is for the follow services only:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • E-commerce website development

If a customer chooses to purchase a domain name and web hosting through us, the fees will be excluded from the development fee. Also, graphics and other creative works for customer websites are not included in this program. They are separate services.