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Affordable Website Design Services

Louis Website Design offers web design services to anyone who is ready to have a website. We offer cheap website design to small business owners or individuals. Our Website designs are quality. At Louis Website Design, you can get your website running with as low as $150. We offer two types of web design service, one is web design from scratch where we work with you, getting information of the exact design or function you need and developing the website for you from the very scratch. Another is the web design that is built on the wordpress software. In this case, we offer two types of wordpress design, one is the wordpress single site install and the other is wordpress multi-site install. For our single site install, all our templates are Studiopress wordpress templates. In cases where customers do not like any of the templates listed, we can develop a template according to his taste. For multi-site, we work with both Studiopress templates and WPMU DEV templates and plugins. However, for cases where the template needed by our client isn’t available, we develop it. Check out our web design options here.

Among our services are Graphic Design, which include banner and logo designs. For information on our banner design, kindly visit our banner design page.

For customers who may want their website marketed, we offer some services to promote customer websites. Among these services are SEO on-page optimization, article marketing, keyword research, site map submission, google places placement, etc. For information on our SEO marketing, visit our SEO page.

Among our marketing services is social media marketing, which include facebook sponsored ads placements, facebook page customization, linked in connections sales, facebook fans sales, etc. For information on social media marketing, kindly visit our Social Media Marketing page.