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Facebook Page Customization

Doing so makes your page significantly more appealing to your audience and improves user experience. This translates to more visitors who interact with and share your content, which then appears in their activity streams and is more virally discoverable. Facebook page customization can dramatically increase your visibility, improve your branding, and create more leads and sales.

There are thousands of social media marketing tools for Facebook that assist brands with managing and enhancing their Facebook marketing activities. Here are 37 of the top Facebook apps on the market, ranging from design and customization to creating engagement with polls to blogging and video integration. Start using some of them to take your Facebook page to the next level!

facebook application suites 37 of the Best Facebook Page Apps for Brand MarketingFacebook App Suites
1. Ripe Social

Ripe Social offers 10 apps that increase brand awareness, promote client interaction, drive website traffic, cultivate repeat business, generate sales leads, and ignite viral marketing. Check out the Ripe Social blog.

2. AgoraPlus

AgoraPlus is an all-in-one platform to manage your Facebook page. Its 10 Facebook page applications give you everything you need to attract fans, engage them, and offer exclusive content on your Facebook page, mobile devices, and your own website. Check out the AgoraPlus blog.

3. Heyo

Heyo’s easy-to-use editor and templates enable you to use contests, promotions, and deals to drive traffic, leads, and sales. Drag and drop widgets make it simple to create a custom campaign from scratch without writing a single line of code, giving you complete creative control. Check out the Heyo blog.

4. North Social

North Social offers 19 Facebook applications that allow you to create great pages and fan experiences to increase engagement and promote your brand. Check out the North Social blog.

5. FanAppz

FanAppz gives you everything you need to grow, engage, learn about, and ultimately convert your social audiences into customers and turn good customers into great ones. It’s easy to turn brand assets into high-impact social experiences that leverage your fans’ “amplifier affect” and help you capture emails, likes, interests, and demographics. Check out the FanAppz blog.